Drawing Up Life Blueprints

Have you ever found yourself flailing aimlessly, trying to figure out “what’s next” but not particularly hopeful of your chances, unsure of where to even begin? Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction aims to be the solution. The program guides the reader through a series of exercises, generating an answer to that eponymous question: “now what?”

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Winners Often Quit and Quitters May Win

Happy 2016! I’m going to get back in the swing of posting book reviews (that’s what this blog is really for, after all) – expect a new review every two weeks or so.

My choice for the first book to review in the new year might seem incongruous. After all, I just posted a whole series on goal-setting and our collective energy around New Year’s Resolutions is still high. But think again! Today’s book, Mastering the Art of Quitting (now republished as Quitting), is all about pursuing the goals that really matter to you by consciously disengaging from outdated aspirations.

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