Happy end of Q1 and two questions

Hello friends! I appear to have some readers! This is great and also a little weird to me, since I have not advertised or promoted this blog at all? Still, welcome!

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Thirty-One Days of Goal Setting – Day 31

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m so glad that you’ve come along with this journal of goal-setting with me. I hope these exercises have helped you determine meaningful and exciting goals for the new year ahead.

The final prompt for our 31 Days of Goal-Setting will either be wildly exciting (if you’re a nerd like me) or tedious but necessary: Write it down, schedule it out, and build in regular reminders and review points.

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Thirty-One Days of Goal Setting – Day 28

We’re getting closer to having finished our 31 Days of Goal-Setting! We’ve set our purpose and life goals, a five-year plan, our New Year’s resolutions, and our three-month milestones. Today we’re planning the final step needed to achieve our goals. The prompt is: Brainstorm – what do you need to do on a daily or weekly basis to make your three month plan work?

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