Time Mastery On My Mind

(sorry this review is a little late!)

Do you often feel rushed, stressed by deadlines, always wishing you had more time? The 9 Secrets of Time Mastery: How to Save At Least 1 Hour Every Day promises to, well, save you an hour a day! By following certain key principles, it suggests, you can cut out time-wasters and get more done.

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Better Living Through Short-Term Goals

Do you find yourself setting over-optimistic yearly goals, or setting goals and then falling behind on the work you need to accomplish them? In Twelve Week Year, Brian Moran and Michael Lennington argue that twelve months is not the best timeframe for goal-setting. They propose replacing this “annualized” thinking with short term goals, in which a “year” is only twelve weeks long.

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a quick recommendation instead of a review

I meant to post a review of Eat That Frog! this week but I haven’t finished rereading it yet. Next week!

In the meantime, and also in lieu of my long-delayed “the problem with self-help-book culture” (I’ve had a partially written post stuck in my drafts for the better part of a year; I think I’ll need to break it into a series because it just keeps growing), I’d like to recommend What’s Wrong With “Productivity”. It makes very good arguments and the last point – “productivity” is not an unrestrained good – particularly resonates with me.