Thirty-One Days of Goal Setting – Day 13

This is the last pre-set category from our Part 2 (Considering Goal Categories) section of our 31 Days of Goal-Setting. Today’s question is, How are you doing in terms of giving back?

Obviously the concept of “giving back” doesn’t live in a vacuum, separate from the other areas we’ve already discussed. Maybe you’ve already used your Lifestyle or Purpose or Family or Friends days to discuss how you give back.

Still, it’s worth thinking about separately. What are you giving to the world? This doesn’t have to be ladling soup at a homeless shelter or donating to the Red Cross (although of course those are great things to do). Maybe your art or music gives others a hopeful moment on a dark day. Maybe, in your work, you help people find what they need, or learn something valuable, or simply give them a better living/working/playing environment.

This is an area where I honestly feel very inadequate, although I have some thoughts of how I can give more back in various ways.


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