Thirty-One Days of Goal Setting – Day 23

Today in our 31 Days of Goal-Setting, we’ll be finalizing the list that we brainstormed yesterday. The question is, Finalize your five-year plan. How well do your five-year goals connect to who you want to be and the dreams you want to achieve?

Let’s answer the last part first. Your five-year plan should be intimately connected to your dream goals and who you want to be.

In fact, you should be making progress on every single one of your purpose and dream goals in the next five years. And all aspects of your five-year plan should relate back to those goals.

In other words, when you go through your list of “who I want to be” and “what I want to achieve”, you must be able to draw a line between every single item and something in your five-year plan. And there should not be anything in your five-year plan which doesn’t relate to some bigger goal of what you want to accomplish or who you want to be.

Making sure this is true will take some flipping back and forth between your lists. I personally recommend doing the formal cross-referencing process from day 21.


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