Thirty-One Days of Goal Setting – Day 28

We’re getting closer to having finished our 31 Days of Goal-Setting! We’ve set our purpose and life goals, a five-year plan, our New Year’s resolutions, and our three-month milestones. Today we’re planning the final step needed to achieve our goals. The prompt is: Brainstorm – what do you need to do on a daily or weekly basis to make your three month plan work?

It’s a cliché, but true, that day-to-day work is how you’ll achieve any goal you ever have.

Everything that we’ve done so far in our 31 Days of Goal Setting has been for the purpose of pointing ourselves in the right direction. But on an average day? You may not even think about your life purpose, or your dreams of who you want to be. That information will be there, when you need inspiration or a pick-me-up! But if you’re spending a lot of time thinking about who you want to be, instead of using the time to do the unglamorous work that will get you there, something is wrong.

Your goal for today is to brainstorm (or research if necessary) the specific, tangible actions you may take to reach your three-month milestones. There’s almost always different ways to achieve a particular goal; you want to figure out the best way for you to accomplish what you’ve decided you want to achieve.

The “research” comes in if you’re pursuing a goal in an area new to you; you may not know what your options are or the best way to achieve what you want. For example, say you decided you want to learn French and you’ve decided that you want to be able to hold a short conversation in French by April 2016. How will you get there? What apps are available that might help you learn? Are there any local colleges that offer a language course you could take? Do you have any friends who speak French and could tutor you? And what methods of learning are more effective?

Today is just about brainstorming, but do keep your preferences and limitations in mind. If you hate studying, don’t list a bunch of options that all involve copious studying. If you’re already really busy, try to figure out actions that are quick and could fit into your day.


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