Happy end of Q1 and two questions

Hello friends! I appear to have some readers! This is great and also a little weird to me, since I have not advertised or promoted this blog at all? Still, welcome!

I’m glad that I got my review of 12 Week Year up yesterday – the timing is excellent, since today is March 31 aka the end of of the first quarter of 2016. Along those same lines, my first question is this: For any of you who may have followed along with my 31 Days of Goal Setting series, how are you doing with your 2016 goals? Did you hit your first quarter milestones? How are you feeling? I hope things are going well! *\o/* (<– tiny pom-poms of encouragement).

My second question is this: I have mostly worked through my backlog of books I knew I wanted to review. I have a couple left, with reviews already drafted (which is good since I’ll be doing Camp NaNoWriMo in April) but soon I will be picking up entirely new-to-me books to read and review. Any suggestions of which book topics you’re most interested in? I categorize self-help books into eight categories: Communication, Confidence, Creativity, Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Productivity, Purpose, and Success. (For more information, see my FAQ.) I have a backlog of possible review candidates in almost every category – although I also take suggestions! – so I’m curious to know whether there’s a particular area that y’all would be interested in hearing about.


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