Thirty-One Days of Goal Setting – Day 9

Continuing with our 31 Days of Goal-Setting, today we’re asking ourselves, How are you doing when it comes to your friendships, community, and other relationships?

The splitting out of family/romantic relationships and all other relationships came from You, Only Better and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. For some people, it will make a lot of sense. For others, those lines are very blurry.

That said, as always the exact meaning of the categories are up to you. Does this mean your contributions to your religious community or relationships with other members of your neighborhood organization? Are you evaluating your relationships with your work colleagues, your clients, your students? Whatever makes sense for your life, go with it.

As for me, well. This is an area that I really struggle with prioritizing because on one hand, I do like having friends and I value my current friends. On the other hand, the process of meeting new people and potentially making new friends is…awful? It’s pretty awful, y’all. So if I theoretically want the results, but very concretely hate the process, how do i handle that goal-wise? Honestly I’m still working that answer out for myself.


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